Amena, also known as Amenakin after her YouTube alias, is an ex-teacher turned entrepreneur. Married with two children, she films hijab tutorials, fashion tips, reviews and ramblings, as well as discussions on Islam and her perspective as a 21st-century British Muslim woman. She is the founder of Pearl Daisy, an online hijab and clothing store.

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My Career Calling

In the second part of her jobs series, Amenakin shares her experience working at the next stop of her occupational journey.

Left: This 'New Look' opened in a much smaller branch years ago. It was my very first place of employment. Right: I took a lot of experience from those early working days into my current job as an online retailer
My Occupation Awakening

In the first part of her series on occupations and careers, Amenakin reflects on her childhood aspirations and how she found her feet in her first few jobs.