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How-to: Make Pom Pom Anklet


From time to time, we get bored with our current collection of shoes. Don’t be too quick to splurge on your next pay check buying new ones. Add a little bit of fun to any outdated or plain shoes with this simple DIY, shared by Geneva on how to make pom pom anklet.

Source: Geneva

These are the items that you need:

  1. A pair of outdated or plain shoes
  2. Multi-coloured pom poms (small)
  3. Velvet ribbon (colour that matches your shoes)
  4. Glue gun
  5. An empty jar


Source: Geneva

Next, cut 2 equal lengths of velvet ribbons and arrange a desired placement of your pom poms along it. Use a glue gun to affix the pom poms onto the ribbon. Start by affixing one in the middle of the ribbon.

Source: Geneva

Dry them by tying around a jar.

Source: Geneva

Once fully dried, thread the ribbon through the original anklet-strap eyelet and you are set! Now, look at how fancy and fun this pair of wedges has become!

Source: Geneva
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