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Heritage Issue

Dear Readers

Welcome to our very first heritage issue. Inside we remember our past as a Muslim people and as individuals, while learning about what makes us who we are today. Hopefully, all this will contribute to a meaningful future that will benefit generations to come.

“If you don’t write your story, someone else will write it for you.” Long before internet memes began broadcasting this quote, our cover girl Hidayah Amin got this advice from her mother. The Fulbright scholar and champion of heritage clearly took these words to heart. On top of her many efforts to preserve the Malay culture in her homeland of Singapore, she also wrote two books related to her family’s heritage. We’re thrilled to have her grace the cover of the issue whose theme she so deftly represents.

Shortly after the birth of Islam came the creation of the first Islamic empire. Muslims fought to uphold the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him); some more than others. This was the Golden Age of Islam when we enjoyed centuries of education, progression and advancement. A quick guide to Islamic empires by Sya Taha is a little history lesson that is guaranteed to captivate your mind from start to finish.

Contributing to society and helping their people since the early 19thcentury are the Aga Khan leaders. Who is the Aga Khan? by Theresa Corbin offers a glimpse into the role of this important yet lesser-known spiritual leader.

Hajera Memon worked for two years in real estate finance before calling it quits. Like many of us today, she sought work that would also empower her spiritually – and an industry of riba did not appeal to her senses. Ameera Al Hakawati speaks with the ex-lawyer about her big career move in favour of Trumpeting heritage. Ameera also shares a slice of her own heritage with Childhood memoirs of a London Muslimah, at once poignant and hopeful.

Omar Shahid went to Jordan and prayed, explored and revelled in all that it has to offer. The gems of Jordan is his delightful journal on a maiden journey to the Hashemite Kingdom.

We may not be able to pinpoint the origins of filigrana jewellery. When it comes to its status, however, Eren Cervantes-Altamirano is convinced that filigrana is Mexico’s precious heirloom.

From places of worship to how our faces look, everyone seeks common denominators that will somehow connect us to our fellow man. Yarehk Hernandez ponders thoughts of Heritage and identity.

October will mark the Islamic new year of 1436. It is also the month of fulfilling the hajj, the Muslim festival of sacrifice, which is precisely what our theme for the next issue will be.

Till then, stay true.