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The hijab world of Ruh Al Alam

British-born Ruh al-Alam was raised in the UK by his Bangladeshi parents. Trained as a traditional calligrapher, his deep passion for graphic arts led him to experiment with design and typography.

UK’s new generation of Muslim designers

Hana Tajima, Muslim fashion designer: "I think young Hijabis are looking to wear something that expresses themselves, and also the culture that they're brought up in. Like, especially in the West, I think it's difficult, you don't want to wear something because your parents wore it or it's not like a culture that you're particularly familiar with."

Muslim Girls Design Modest Sportswear

Athletic Muslim girls in Minneapolis found their traditional clothing interfered with playing sports. Their solution: design their own sports attire that met both religious and physical requirements.

New flair for Egyptian headscarves

The Islamic headscarf is a religious symbol, but in Egypt it's also become a fashion accessory. A major industry has developed surrounding the headgear, offering many variations on colours, design and fabric.

Egypt models mix faith with fashion

Islamic fashion is a growing force in Muslim countries, and now its models want their voices heard. They've formed a union in Egypt, calling for the right to wear the headscarf and work in accordance with the laws of Islam but also within the realm of fashion.

Women of the World Festival

A festival of talks, workshops and performances celebrating women and girls - Women of the World is now a global phenomenon. It will be returning to London in March 2016.

Veil: The Future of Hijab

For years now, athletic apparel companies have been producing weather performance clothing to help athletes in brutal weather conditions. Technology in clothing is changing the apparel industry forever, and we believe that women who wear the headscarf need it too.