Hidden camera reveals intolerance for anti-Muslim harassment


A TV series that captures the reactions of bystanders suggests that most Americans would stand up for a Muslim faced with racism. By Sya Taha.

1303 WP Harassment by Sya 02

While it’s impossible to know someone’s true colours, a social experiment is a good place to start. This is the intention behind a hidden camera TV series, What Would You Do, hosted by ABC News correspondent John Quiñones. Actors play out different plausible scenarios faced by people of different sexes, ethnicities or religions, sometimes in different permutations to see if people react differently.

A seventh-generation American of Mexican descent, John is keenly aware of issues of racism and discrimination in everyday American life, addressing them through this TV series. In this video, a young white American man starts harassing a Muslim-looking store clerk. Watch and see how bystanders react – and as usual, the best reaction is saved for last!

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