10 Makeup Mistakes


With so much advice out there about wearing makeup, one can be forgiven for trying too hard to make it right. To this, we say: when in doubt, go with less.

  1. Poor Facial Regime
    Even the best makeup cannot hide the condition of skin that has not been well taken care of. So don’t forget to wash, tone, moisturise and rest well.
  2. Single Focused
    There is nothing wrong with focusing the makeup on both your eyes and lips. In fact, focusing on only one feature can sometimes even make the rest of your face look unfinished.
  3. Over-Plucking
    Eyebrows that are too thin look unnatural and clown-like. Yes, you will look like a clown. So, as long as you do not have Frida Kahlo’s unibrow and you keep your brows groomed and well-shaped, it is perfectly all right to show them off.
  4. Dark Lippies
    Lipstick shades that are too dark for your skin tone can make you look older.
  5. Mismatched Mouth
    Your lipliner must match the colour of your lipstick as closely as possible. If not, we recommend skipping the liner altogether.
  6. Stopping Short
    Not blending your foundation into your hairline and applying it well past your jaw line can result in you looking like a pantomime artist.
  7. Piling It On
    Unless you are auditioning for a spot with Cirque du Soleil, go easy on the makeup thickness — and blend, blend, blend.
  8. Going Gaga
    If you are past your teens, ditch the glitters. Should you have the need to glam up, opt for fine shimmers.
  9. Going Technicolour
    Ditch the electric blue mascara, too.
  10. Ditching the Pencil Halfway
    Lining your eyes only halfway does not make your eyes bigger, it makes you look silly. Go all the way, but smudge the liner where it reaches the inner corner of your eyes so that the effect looks natural and soft.



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