10 Mothers’ Day ideas


Thinking of doing something extra special for your mother? Shea Rasol has some novel suggestions.

Image: Pixabay
Image: Pixabay

1. Make your own family movie

Make movie night extra special for mum with a personalised movie – at home! Gather old photographs or videos marking special events in your family, add background music to the montage, and have them uploaded into a soft copy. Host a mini party for your immediate family, make some popcorn and watch the slideshow together, reminding mum of how great a woman she has been – and still is – all these years.

2. Customise pampering coupons

Besides conventional spa coupons, why not customise a set for your mum? If she doesn’t enjoy long milk baths, reward her with a combination of pampering sessions that she’d appreciate. Maybe she enjoys foot reflexology, hair sessions at the salon, a little shopping spree, and indulging in a complete day off. If she loves company, make some more coupons for you and your sisters, too!

3. Excite her taste buds

Growing up, your mum may have been the Jedi of cooking: state any dish and she could easily make it happen without any help. So give her the night off and treat her to the culinary experience of a lifetime. Go beyond fine dining: try dining in the sky, underwater, in the dark, or even at a bathroom-themed restaurant!

4. Go on a meditative visit

Instead of visiting museums, why not take your mum to mosques instead? Bring her on a tour of the iconic mosques in your city for her to enjoy the architecture. Get a local imam as a guide so that both of you can appreciate faith, history and art. Allocate some time to sit and meditate for a bit in each mosque – an affordable and meaningful way to spend the day together.

5. Make art with the (grand) kids

Buy a big canvas sheet, non-toxic paints and trays. Lay them out in your backyard or in a park, and get started on some serious abstract painting. Have mum start off first with her hand or footprints, and continue with the kids or grandkids. The outcome isn’t as important as the activity itself, allowing mum to spend time with her loved ones. Hang it in her home if it brings a smile to her face.

6. Cruise in style

If your mum is afraid to try adventurous things, try booking a cruise for her and dad. Let her relax and unwind to the beauty of the ocean: she can read books by the pool, pamper her body, enjoy good food and music, and make new friends along the way. But find out beforehand if she’s prone to seasickness!

7. Cross off her bucket list

You know how when people have a list of things to do before they die? Mums are no exceptions. Ask her nonchalantly to try and dig out what’s on her list and what hasn’t been accomplished. Then start planning with your siblings to help mum cross off at least one item from her list this Mothers’ Day, because she deserves to achieve self-fulfillment after all her sacrifices for the family.

8. Go fruit picking

Head over to an apple or strawberry farm (or other fruit that your mum fancies) and start picking! Enjoy yourselves in the fresh and fun outdoors, and exchange stories instead of casually talking on the phone as you usually do. This activity doesn’t require any green fingers, just hats and strong backs.

9. Meet some celebrities

If you ask me what my mum wanted the most, it’s to have Hugh Jackman, Jason Statham, James Franco and Johnny Depp in one room! (While I love you so much and I’m all up for the idea mum, I don’t think I can do that.) So what can you do instead? Take her to a Madame Tussauds wax museum and let her have her moment with her favourite celebrities. Be sure to photograph this for posterity. (I tried, mum!)

10. Host a tea party with her girlies

Why not host a little tea party for your mum and her best friends? Plan the entire thing with her friends’ daughters. This way, all your mums can enjoy good company and feel young and carefree with her friends again. Plan some light games and of course, include gifts for each of them. Every mum could use a girly hangout, no matter her age.

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