3 Fun and Fresh Brands


You need to know about these three drool-worthy brands that spell fresh and fun. By Shea Rasol.

Fyunka – Bags

It takes just a glimpse to tell that Fyunka is one funky handbag brand that caters to those who love to experiment with quirky fashion. Their bags ‘tease’ the appearance of high-end bags to create a more chill look for fashionistas who enjoy standing out while staying up-to-date.

This Jeddah-based fashion line gets inspiration from all things pop culture while still retaining its ‘khaleeji’ highlights. Perfect for young adults, the Fyunka bags fit most occasions and will boost your look with a little dash of fun.

Visit Fyunka’s Facebook page to be in the know of their latest collections.

Zazzle – Smartphone Cases

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Why limit your uniqueness to just the clothes you wear? You speak into your phone, and your phone says a lot about you, too! That’s why we love custom smartphone cases to suit our personality.

Some people find it fun to change their phone cases as frequently as changing their wardrobe. No wonder it has become a hobby to collect phone cases, just as one would collect mugs or guitar picks. Zazzle takes custom orders using any print you want, so perhaps it’d be a good opportunity to add your initials so your buddies won’t mistake your phone for theirs – it happens!

Visit Zazzle for more details.

Sereni & Shentel – Headbands

Made in Borneo, these lovely creations are the work of two besties, Sereni and Shentel, who have teamed up to make a wonderful accessory for girls around the world with their headbands. Yes, headbands!

They offer an array of designs in colours as varied as you can imagine. The once-wee label has grown so big that it even landed an appearance on the TV series ‘Gossip Girl’.

Sereni & Shentel exude a classic feel, sure to make girls appear stylishly chic in their creations.

Head over to Sereni & Shentel for some headbands.

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