5 fabulous fashion designers from the Arab world


We showcase five creatives who draw on the influences of their Arab cultures to create luxurious pieces, fit for the queen in you. By Shea Rasol.

Reem Alasadi

Iraqi-born and residing in London, Reem Alasadi is a designer who has turned today’s fashion industry upside down with her signature designs that portray a high level of artisanship and handcrafted excellence. Inspired by the quirks of Japan, her clothes  use vintage fabrics and incorporate recycled materials to bring ‘green’ to a whole new level.

Hana Sadiq

Colourful and vibrant is what Hana Sadiq’s designs are all about. She has got tremendous A-list clients donning her creations from head to toe, including Queen Rania of Jordan. Her unique balance of haute couture fused with Arabic art will suit culture-conscious fashionistas who still value a contemporary look.

Yasmine El Said

The collections of Yasmine El Said offer all things eclectic and edgy. The staples feature bold and structured garments that are a total contrast to anything feminine. This Cairo-based label is aiming for the top, with their elegant collections boasting a tinge of attitude for fashion dynamites out there.

Zeena Zaki

After launching her first fashion atelier in Dubai, Zeena Zaki’s haute couture creations fit for a princess soon stood out amongst the crowd. Victorian fashion and the era of coquettish ladies of the 30s and 40s are key influences, making her collections at once flamboyant and jazzy. She now designs for Julea Domani.

Amina al-Jassim
Saudi Arabia

A purveyor of jalabiyas and haute couture, Amina al-Jassim has elevated Islamic and Moroccan fashion to a higher level. Expect luxurious pieces that are exquisitely feminine, complete with heavily-beaded detailing. Amina’s ability to transform traditional Saudi formalwear into ready-to-wear pieces reflects her ardent love for her culture.


This article originally appeared in the October 2013 Gratitude issue of Aquila Style magazine. You can read the entire issue free of charge on your iPad or iPhone via the Apple Newsstand, or on your Android tablet or smartphone via Google Play

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