Alluring Leg Chains


Made popular by Hollywood celebrity Vanessa Hudgens, leg chains might just be hitting your shores as you’re reading this. By Shea Rasol.

Leg chains are the newest baby in the accessories and jewellery department. It is an accessory for women who want to make a fashion statement when baring her legs, because yes, leg chains look pretty good against our skin.

These chains usually come in a gold, silver, or copper-looking finish that drape in a number of layers down the thighs up to the knees. You can pair them with just about anything, be it short skirts, shorts, or even over jeans for a more modest look.

Leg chains may direct your style towards a more edgy or boho look. So figure out the outfit you want to pull off for that day and pick a matching leg chain to complement your final look.

We love the trend, despite the uncertainty of it getting stuck somewhere when you sit. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya! If you ask us, we think that this little accessory is great as a surprise for your beloved husband when you are alone together or during slumber parties with the girls!

For crafty types, you can make them yourself following this tutorial here, or simply purchase them on Etsy.


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