Arabian inspirations at the Pearl Daisy Asia Tour


Inspired by exquisite gems, kaftans, jalabiyas and wedding gowns by Lulu Alhadad are fit for a princess. By Lina Lewis.

Flowy silk, intricate lacework and sophisticated embroidery.

The jalabiyas created by Singapore-based designer Lulu Alhadad are what dreams are made of. One can’t help feeling like a Mediterranean royalty when she’s lovingly draped in one of Lulu’s gorgeous jalabiyas.

And these dreamlike pieces will be showcased at the Pearl Daisy Asia Tour, which will take place in Kuala Lumpur on 18 April and in Singapore on 20 April. Fronted by the Islamic lifestyle sensation Amenakin, the event will present familiar names in the arts, as well as in the fashion and food industries.

Lulu started making dresses in 2006, sewing them herself for classmates who placed orders. Eventually, the self-made designer moved on to creating kaftans, jalabiyas – the beautiful traditional Egyptian garment – and Middle East-inspired wedding gowns.

The jalabiya gives Muslimahs of any age and size the opportunity to be truly feminine, modest and yet fashionable. And Lulu doesn’t hold back her imagination when designing.

’I want every woman to enjoy what I create and recognise the true beauty in oneself… each piece of my collection defines unique beauty,’ she said.

Jalabiyas from the Middle East are usually made of thick and heavy material, and their cutting is too big for the average Southeast Asian build. So Lulu tailors her jalabiyas to better suit the Muslimahs of this region.

And she has come a long way since the days she used to sew garments with her mother. Lulu now has two workshops – one in India and another in Indonesia – where all the intricate beadwork and embroidery are added onto the garments. Only alterations and simple beadwork are carried out in Singapore.

Just like the precious gemstones from which she draws inspiration for her designs, Lulu’s creations are highly exclusive. She mostly makes only one piece per design. If you are lucky, she might make three of them. But that does not guarantee availability – the pieces are snapped up very quickly from the time she puts up their pictures online.

To view available pieces, call Lulu at +65.8189.8446 or drop her a note on her Facebook page. The Lulu Alhadad showroom is at 20 Jl Kembangan.

Of course, you can also see her beautiful creations at the Pearl Daisy Asia Tour. To avoid disappointment, get your ticket to the event, which will have all the things you love under one roof.

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