Modest Clothing Label Barjis Debuts AW13 Collection


Designer’s classy creations turn heads at London show. Words and photographs by Zinah Nur Sharif.

A recent entry into the world of fashion, Barjis caters to urban Muslim women in both the East and West. The most recent collection by designer Barjis Chohan was titled ‘Journey of Times’, a name derived from her own personal journey of having a mixed Pakistani–British background. She also says that life and people are two of her inspirations: life brings adventure and the people she meets come with tales.

I was in attendance at the label’s first fashion show, held at the Swarovski Lounge in Central London on the 15th of February. It wasn’t the usual catwalk show where guests sit down, enjoy the show and disappear to the next show; Barjis treated the guests to complimentary pre-show cocktails, which allowed everyone to chitchat and network.

The collection consisted of light, sheer and textured fabrics, pieces made out of layered materials and shimmering sequins. From innovative capes to modern abayas, they were all designed in a playful and graceful way. Some of the pieces were completed with traditional trimmings and patterns. The whole collection was an infusion of modern cuts and traditional tailoring of abayas and clothes.

Professor Reina Lewis from the University of the Arts London and Jana Kossaibati from Hijab Style were amongst the VIP guests on a vibrant night full. The night ended with canapés and more drinks with guests talking to the Barjis and getting to know more about the label and the collection.

Check out this video for a glimpse of the Barjis show in action.

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