Bizarre Beauty Routines


You might think applying raw aloe vera nectar in the name of beauty is weird. Think again. By Shea Rasol.

Bizarre Beauty Routines_Aquila Style

1.     Curdled milk for acne

Bizarre Beauty Routines_Aquila Style

As I type this, I can feel my breakfast coming back up. Yes, you read it right. Curdled or mouldy milk is milk that has been left for a few days at room temperature. For a select few, this might just be their beacon of light for mild to severe acne. How? Stale milk contains lactic acid, which can help regenerate your skin cells, helping the acne heal much faster. But since it smells so gruesome, let’s try yoghurt, sour cream or sour milk (since they contain lactic acid as well), shall we?

Suggestion: Good ‘ol plain yogurt mask

2.     Remove wrinkles with crocodile fat

Bizarre Beauty Routines_Aquila Style

Crocodile fat is actually extracted from the fatty tissues of… a crocodile. In numerous cultures, people have been using crocodile fat as treatments for various human ailments. It’s purported to reduce wrinkles and heal eczema way much faster than pharmaceutical ointments. But you don’t need to face an actual crocodile, because there’s an easier way to get your hands on croc fat.

Suggestion: Repcillin

3.     Placenta facials

Bizarre Beauty Routines_Aquila Style

What’s Victoria Beckham’s beauty secret we keep hearing about? Why, it’s the sheep placenta facial, of course! Dubbed as the most effective anti-aging treatment, no wonder A-list Hollywood stars opt for this method to maintain glowing, youthful-looking skin. But I doubt that they would slap on a sheep’s placenta directly on to their faces for that extra shine.

The purified placenta stem cells of New Zealander sheep is actually a better way to get it. After a routine facial treatment at the spa, a concentration of sheep placenta is applied onto the face, with the help of infrared therapy to push everything deeper into the skin. It is said to increase the production of collagen, glycoproteins and elastic fibres to reduce the signs of ageing.

Suggestion: Beyond MediSpa

4.     Flawless and fair skin with clay

Bizarre Beauty Routines_Aquila Style

This time around, it doesn’t involve applying but rather, swallowing clay. The suntanned glow of today wasn’t exactly that popular back in the day, where skin as porcelain-like as possible was the in thing. So much so that women would eat clay to achieve it.

Once consumed, clay acts as a natural detoxifying agent for the body to get rid of toxins while supplementing the body with rich minerals. It helps to keep toxins away from the body – your skin will thank you – and also aid in the treatment of cholera and bacterial infections. So many wonders in a single swallow!

Suggestion: Redmond Clay

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