Blushing pink


Give your cheeks a healthy-looking glow with these makeup tips. By Shea Rasol.

Blushing pink_Aquila Style

When I was in Japan, I noticed a trend among young girls of wearing bright pink blusher as clearly defined circles on their cheeks. This was something totally new to me, and I’m guessing they were going for a blushing manga (comics) character look. Luckily, they succeeded in looking kawaii (cute)! I can only imagine how I would look if I tried to pull off such a trend.

Good thing is, there are more discreet ways to look like we’re blushing.

1. Know your face shape

Blushing pink_Aquila Style

Image: sunshinehello

This is the most basic rule – there’s no point imitating a look from a celebrity or icon you love, without understanding your facial features.

Long: Soften the long and pointy chin by blending your blusher just below the apples of the cheeks (or cheekbones), to help expand your face horizontally.

Round: Sweep the brush starting from under the cheekbones and head towards the temples. This helps minimise the fullness at the cheek area.

Oval: Instead of sweeping the brush towards your temples, end the brushing motion somewhere parallel to the ear. This is a basic technique if you’re unsure of your face shape.

Square: Apply your blusher in circular motions. Use a kabuki brush with a big fluffy head, dab on some product, and swirl slightly above the apples of your cheeks. This softens up the structured jaw.

2. Pick a team

Blushing pink_Aquila Style

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Blushing pink_Aquila Style

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The key to getting yourself the right blusher shade is to know your skin tone and what lip colour you’re about to wear. Pink shades work best with fair to medium skin tones, while corals and nudes best work with medium to darker skin tones.

Make sure the blush colour is in harmony with your lipstick colour. For example, a red lip look with a pink blusher is not flattering.

A blusher is meant to help create a fresh glow, so subtle strokes on your cheeks should be enough to achieve that. Instead of applying more because you’re afraid the blush will fade, just have a touch-up session in the bathroom with your girlfriends.

3. Pick your tool

Blushing pink_Aquila Style

Tory Burch face brush | $48 |
Sephora collection classic multitasker blush brush #54 | $28 |
Real Techniques blush brush | $7.64 |
Topshop kabuki brush, cobalt blue | $16 |
Kabuki powder blush brush | $48 |

Kabuki brushes are undoubtedly the best when it comes to applying blusher. But it depends on your personal preference – some love it, some prefer other types of brushes. So if you’re a rookie in this department, head down to the nearest beauty counter and ask for advice. Match the brush you’re looking for to the contouring technique you’re most likely to use for your face.

Be sure to store your brushes in a pouch to reduce contamination. The best ones come with a cap, so that your brush won’t touch other things in your makeup pouch.

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