Burqini Crush


For those fretting about being under the summer sun, burqinis have got you covered.

Burqini Crush_Aquila Style
Image: AFP Photo / Anoek De Groot

Burqinis – a combination of  “burqa” and “bikini” – have gone through some tough times. When it first came out, it received more negative feedback than good. Nevertheless, it serves its purpose well and we Muslimahs love it! Why, even the famous chef Nigella Lawson was once spotted having fun at Bondi beach in Sydney clad in a burqini.

Burqini Crush_Aquila Style
Modestly Active

Made from stretchable lycra, just like other swimming suits, the burqini is made in two parts: the body and the bottom. The top is usually fitted with a head covering – resembling a swimming cap – while the bottoms range from tight to slightly looser leggings. Often available in dark colours, a burqini does not become translucent when wet, ensuring proper coverage.

Nowadays, it’s common to see Muslim women in burqinis while at the beach or the swimming pool. The outfit’s material adheres to most hotel, beach and public swimming pool policies, so there’s no need to worry that you’ll be refused entry.

If you can have fun in the sun just like everyone else while maintaining your modesty, what’s not to love about burqinis? Here are some brands that specialise in burqini wear just for all you sun, sea and sand lovers!

Ahiida | Al Sharifa | Modestly Active | Abaya.co.za | ebay

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