Cool charcoal


It’s good for barbecues, and good for your face – when specially formulated. By Shea Rasol.

Cool charcoal_Aquila Style

1. Origins Clear Improvement™ active charcoal mask to clear pores | $24 |
2. Biore deep charcoal cleanser – 6.7 oz | $5.99 |
3. GLAMGLOW® ‘Super-Mud’ clearing treatment | $69 |
4. Coalface | $14 |
5. Binchotan facial puff | $16 |

I was on the brink of giving up on finding a solution to my acne-prone skin when I stumbled upon an article about how charcoal could help. I know consuming unhealthy processed junk foods, leading a sleep-deprived life and forgetting to drink eight glasses of water per day have taken their toll on my skin.

I am getting more acne than my usual monthly breakout and the healing process has been slower. It drives my wallet and me insane: I fork out cash for a new skincare regime promising flawless smooth skin, only to find myself lurking in stores again in search of a different product.

Charcoal has several benefits for the human body, one being great at helping wounds to heal. Activated charcoal treatments are usually done by skincare experts in clinics or spas, over several sessions.

While I’m all for experts, my main concern is the time factor. Luckily there are products containing active charcoal ingredients to use at home. Do note that the charcoal we use for barbeques are different – activated charcoal is meant for medicinal use. It can also help reduce gas, act as a detoxifier, whiten teeth and improve your skin’s overall health.

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