Double The Colour. Double The Fun. Double The Benefit.


Shruti Gattani in conversation with benefit’s makeup master José Rivera, on the company’s new launches. Get ready to be awarded double-edged ‘benefit’ (pun intended!).

They're Real! Collection
They’re Real! Double Collection

This year makeup artists are experimenting with dual-effect on eyes and lips, and we are LOVING IT. We have seen fashion shows with dual eyeshadow (read: Oscar De La Renta) and benefit, the cosmetic giant has also joined this colourful bandwagon by introducing ‘duo eyeshadow blenders’ and ‘two-tone lipsticks’. The ever-evolving makeup industry is all about launching new colours, styles and effects. And, I, for one, welcome these trends. Sign me up for anything unique!

Applying eyeshadow has never been easier!
Applying eyeshadow has never been easier!

Like that of contouring the face, They’re Real! Duo Shadow Blender available in a wide range of colours, helps to create the illusion of bigger and sexier eyes. “Gals are also more beauty obsessed with false lashes and winged liner these days, both of which are best showcased with a contoured eye,” José Rivera reveals.

So, what makes the duo eyeshadow blender different? “The dilemma in contouring the eye is placement, blending, and colour selection – all of which have been well-crafted in benefit’s eyeshadow kit,” Rivera answers. “Harmonised shades take the guess work out for you and deliver perfectly placed shadows that instantly saturate and effortlessly blend.” The makeup master also lets us in on a must-know fact – “It doesn’t fall onto the cheek when applying.” Oh yes, no more spillovers!

Fuller-lips in one easy stroke!
Fuller-lips in one easy stroke!

In the They’re Real! double category, the cosmetic brand has also introduced Double The Lip bars perfect for envious pouts, smirks or sassy snarls! This lip liner-cum-lipstick outlines your lip and fills them with a complementing colour, in just one stroke. Featuring a custom tear drop tip, they have semi-matte finish, which increases wearability and keeps the true colour locked in one place.

We are one step closer to achieving fuller-looking lips, all thanks to this amazing range. For the sake of fun, we asked José to give colourful pouts to these stars and he sportingly did so. Take note of the lipstick names against the personalities – double entendre are we seeing here! #JustSaying

• Kristen Stewart – Nude Scandal
• Kendall Jenner – Lusty Rose
• Bella Hadid – Criminally Coral
• Ariana Grande – Fuchsia Fever
• Beyoncé – Juicy Berry
• Dakota Johnson – Revved-up Red

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