Eid Styling Ideas for Kids


These fashion-forward youngsters will be turning heads come Eid. By Zinah Nur Sharif.

As we count down the days to the celebration of Eid, we often reflect on our excitement and anticipation of the holiday when we were kids. After all, it is a day that children in particular look forward to in their own ways. They get to have heaps of fun playing with other kids, fill their stomachs with delicious sweets and wear brand-new clothes.

In most countries, fashion is a customary and natural fit for the occasion of Eid. The great thing about fashion is that everyone can be a part of it, from elderly women to toddlers to teens, and even pets! When it comes to buying clothes for children, there are three vital points to consider: comfort, flexibility and design.

As fashionable as many parents want to dress their children, they have to keep in mind that kids are very active, and so they need to be dressed in clothes that will allow them to move freely without restrictions. Most children’s clothes are already designed with flexibility and comfort in mind and are available in most high street shops. It’s just up to the parent to find the right clothes and size for their children.

Now that it’s summer in most parts of the world, Eid will be very warm. And the last thing anyone wants is to feel hot and sweaty. Fabrics play an important role when it comes to comfort. When buying clothes for children for use in warm seasons, bear in mind that natural and thin fabrics are cooling and allow the skin to breathe, so look out for those. Avoid clothes made out of shiny fabrics; they can trap heat due to their diagonal weaving.

When it comes to the design of children’s clothes, they are made simple yet fashionable. You may have noticed that most children’s clothes don’t include complicated cuts or components. That’s because designers are aware that children don’t have the patience to be dressed for hours; they are energetic beings that love to move around.

How the clothes look is merely a preference. They can feature your child’s favourite fictional character, or simply contain his or her favourite colour. Many parents enjoy taking their children clothes shopping with them, to involve them in the process of browsing, trying-on and purchasing. Whether you dress your kids formally or playfully, you know them better than anyone else. As with many decisions in life, choose wisely and fashionably.

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