Embrace Embroidery


This elaborate traditional stitch-work is making a triumphant comeback! Farrah Eman shares inspirations on how you can update your summerwear with this pretty trend.

Photo by Stylesight
Photo by Stylesight

Embroidery exudes a feminine and delicate vibe to beautiful bohemian look. No longer a craft’s project, the contrasts of colourful, decorative stitchings make these handiworks an intriguing fashion statement. For some inspiration, here are our featured items!


So as not to be seen too cluttered, mix and match embroidery design with monotone fashion pieces. Choose a colour theme and coordinate your look towards it. Be playful with accessories such as jewellery, bags and shoes as they are the details that anchor your individual style. Last but not least, if you are worried of being accused as wearing your grandma’s clothes, pair your embroidered piece with modern fashion items for an instant fashion update.

Have some fun and wear this trend with confidence!

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