Eyebrow shaping 101


They say that your eyebrows are the frames of your face, so how do you enhance yours? By Shea Rasol.

1. Identify your brow shape

Eyebrow shaping 101_Aquila StyleAskanesthetician

Look squarely into a mirror and identify your brow shape with the guide above. If your brow changes direction sharply halfway or two thirds of the way, then you have a high arch – this usually makes you look more mature. If the arch is somewhat softer, then you probably have a round arch. But if your brow has no clear bow, then you fall under the no arch category – this shape takes years off your face.

2. Determine your product


Eyebrow shaping 101_Aquila Style

  1. Benefit cosmetics brow zings | $32 | sephora.com
  2. Flawless brow trio | $4.95 | bhcosmetics.com
  3. Anastasia brow powder duo brow enhancers | $50 | beautybrands.com
  4. L’Oreal Paris super liner brow artist, 03 brunette | $8 | thehut.com
  5. Pixi natural brow duo, soft black | $12 | thehut.com
  6. Wet gloss lash and brow clear mascara | $1 | eyeslipsface.com

There are so many products available on the market – all of them made to suit different needs. Go for the brow palette to enhance your brows subtly as it provides application control. You can create a soft look with just a few sweeps of the wax and powder in the palette.

On the contrary, if you’re on the bolder side, opt for a brow pencil or gel. This will apply a highly pigmented product on your brows, ensuring a sharp, clean look. But if you’re a beginner, stick with the palette to get the hang of it first.

3. Shape your brows

Eyebrow shaping 101_Aquila Styletmbcosmeticsurgery

When you’ve chosen your product, the guide above can give you a rough template of how to fill in your brows. Use your nose as a starting point and align the top of your brow pencil to these three points:

a) The start (aligned to the inner corner of your eyes)
b) The arch (aligned with your pupils)
c) The end (aligned to the outer corner of your eyes)
Then fill in the line, making small brush strokes to achieve a natural finish.

If you prefer not to pluck, tweeze or thread your eyebrows, there are still ways to tame them. After you’re done shaping and filling it in with some product, use a highlighter or concealer to hide those extra tiny hairs. With a concealer brush, slowly glide the product underneath and just above your eyebrows to clean off the edges.

Whatever you do, don’t drastically alter your brow shape. The key to neat and pleasant eyebrows is to maintain and enhance whatever you’ve got.

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