Facial Contouring 101


Learn how to enhance your angles and natural features with this simple makeup technique. Shea Rasol shows you how.

Facial Contouring 101_Aquila Style


The basis of a perfectly defined makeup look includes contouring: Highlighting and shading selected features of your face. Be it makeup for a heavy night or a light everyday look, contouring can play a part in the first phase of your makeup routine.

You may notice that even though your face looks flawless after applying foundation or tinted moisturisers, the colour makes your face look flat. What we want is to create depth to the face with subtle shading and highlighting.

Facial Contouring 101_Aquila Style

Contour Palettes: nastygal.com | nordstrom.com | lancome-usa.com
Contour Brushes: thehut.com | johnlewis.com | sephora.com

You can chisel your cheekbones, sculpt the bridge of your nose and make your eyes pop with simple contouring. Before jumping on the bandwagon, be sure to equip yourself with matte shades of neutral tone palettes.

Start with shading the sides of your nose, pockets of your cheeks, above the temples and a little bit around the jaw to make these areas appear to recede. Next, pick a highlighter (also in a neutral hue) with a subtle shimmer to help bring forward the brow bone, bridge of the nose, cheekbones, forehead, chin and cupid’s bow.

Apply just a tinge of product on the desired area – the key to a natural effect is to blend well. When you’re done contouring, swoop on some blush on your cheekbones to add a little bit of colour and life to your finished look. With eyeliner and sheer pink lipstick, you’re all set to head out with a simple yet smoldering everyday look.

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