Fashion Fighting Famine 2013: Designer Profile Inayah


Amidst their busy preparations for the Fashion Fighting Famine (FFF) event, the designers of Inayah spared some time for an interview.

Fashion Fighting Famine 2013: Designer Profile Inayah_Aquila Style

Established in 2010, this UK-based label sets out to embrace a wide base of clients for its modest-wear line. Classic cuts and comfortable fabrics combine with contemporary touches to create versatility in Inayah’s dresses.

Aquila Style: In five words, how would you define the Inayah style?

Inayah: Versatile. Sophisticated. Contemporary. Unique. Elegant.

What makes your collections special?

Our eclectic sources of inspiration are derived from nature, high-end fashion and architecture. We diligently strive to offer the ultimate fashion experience inspired by vintage, ethnic and modern elements.

How will you be involved in this year’s FFF?

Inayah’s involvement in FFF 2013 will enable us to give our audience in the US the opportunity to see and feel our products in person. Of equal importance is the fact that we will actively participate in a noble charitable cause in the presence of like-minded individuals, and in a warm environment.

Tell us about the designs that you’re going to feature at FFF.

We will be featuring clothing from our current Precocious collection. Our Precocious range is a unique collection of modest clothing inspired by sophistication. Inayah loves comfortable cuts with beautiful drapes and we have infused these elements into our clothings.

We will also be showcasing exclusive handmade embroidered accessories such as statement Neck Collars and Head Bands, alongside our signature handcrafted hijab pins and a collection of exclusive statement bangle sets.

In addition, we will be giving an exclusive opportunity to those present at FFF 2013 to have a sneak peak at some of our beautiful and exciting new pieces from our upcoming collection.

What misconceptions about Islam and/or Muslim women would you like to dispel?

Islam at its core conveys a consistent message of bringing benefit and preventing harm. It is a perfect and complete way of life suitable for all ages, all races, all nationalities, male and female, without prejudice.

We believe there needs to be a greater level of tolerance from and to both Muslim and non-Muslims, concerning their respective stages of development. We must respect that every single individual has their own unique path of Islamic development and that our purpose and objective should never be to judge and belittle anyone. We must strive to encourage development in others, speak with the best speech, act with the best character and share a compassionate desire to prevent harm and bring benefit to our wider community.

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