Fashion Fighting Famine 2013: Designer Profile RAYAN


Counting down the days to this year’s Fashion Fighting Famine event in California, Afia R Fitriati speaks with the sisters of RAYAN, a modest-fashion brand that regards charity as its cornerstone of doing business.

Fashion Fighting Famine 2013: Designer Profile RAYAN

Launched by sisters Nadia Rayan and Nora Ghaneian, Los Angeles-based RAYAN is a new Muslim eveningwear label that will debut its collection at the upcoming Fashion Fighting Famine (FFF) event.

In an email interview, Nadia and Nora share their fashion philosophy and explain how charity is a common thread running through all faiths.

Aquila Style: In five words, how would you define the RAYAN style? 

RAYAN: Graceful, bold, regal, modern yet classic.

What makes your collections special?

The RAYAN Debut Collection offers flattering fits and effortless fabrics, while fusing demure silhouettes with playful and modern designs. We are able to fill the void in the market for fashion-forward, long-sleeved eveningwear at an attainable price point.

Describe your involvement in this year’s FFF.

RAYAN’s Debut Collection, along with a few new styles for spring, will be featured on the FFF runway. In addition, RAYAN will participate in the ‘Shop for a Cause’ bazaar. Not only are we looking forward to featuring our designs on the runway, but we are thrilled to be a part of a wonderful organization that works tirelessly to support charitable causes locally and across the globe.

Tell us about the designs that you’re going to feature at FFF.

We will be featuring most of our designs from the Debut Collection. The pieces range from dramatic embellished gowns to wrap dresses that can easily be dressed up or down. A few brand-new designs will debut on the runway.

What misconceptions about Islam and/or Muslim women would you like to dispel?

Certainly many misconceptions exist about Islam and many other religions; however, we would like to stress one critical and unifying component of all major religions that is often overlooked: Charity. Humanity as a whole would indeed flourish if more people of religion wholeheartedly believed in and consistently acted upon selfless and generous giving to those in need. Hence, it is humanity’s responsibility to elevate its communities across the globe – that is the true essence of Islam.

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