From Day to Night


Zinah Nur Sharif has some quick and easy steps to help your outfit go from daytime casual to evening elegance.

From Day to Night_Aquila Style

Running a busy lifestyle? Barely have time to go shopping, change your outfits for special occasions or just can’t seem to find the right eveningwear? Don’t fret, here are a few simple steps you can take to turn your casual daywear into sparkling eveningwear.

The key differences between a regular outfit and something glamorous are make-up, hijab style, jewellery and accessories.

Statement jewellery is a key feature to a glistening evening outfit. Whether necklace or bracelet, chunky pieces turn any simple white t-shirt into a million dollar top. The best part is that you could simply have one or two statement pieces and pair them with any outfit. This is the simplest way to turn any day outfit into night, with minimal time and cost.

Clutches and high heels are great bonuses to an evening outfit. You can wear a white blouse with boyfriend jeans, ballet pumps and a messenger handbag throughout the day and simply replace the ballet pumps with any high heels (sparkly or plain) and replace the messenger handbag with an embellished clutch.

Naturally, make-up plays a big role. Just by adding eye shadow or eyeliner will make a difference. Sometimes even a brightly coloured lipstick is all it takes. Even if you’re going for the natural look, wear it slightly heavier than usual to achieve a glowing airbrushed look.

If you know in advance that you’re going for a night out with family or friends to celebrate an occasion straight after work or school, plan your outfit in advance. Wear something that is elegant, comfortable and adaptable. Carry accessories that suit your outfit but add extra glamour to it, have spare heels with you and carry a small make-up bag. That way, you can simply add accessories to your outfit, change your shoes and add to your make-up.

It’s nice to have eveningwear, cocktail dresses and evening gowns sitting in your wardrobes, waiting to be worn for that special occasion. Admittedly, eveningwear is rather pricey and considering the number of times we actually wear them, they aren’t cost effective. At times they even go to waste, as they can’t be worn on a night out because they are too extravagant. However, with the right accessories, jewellery and shoes, and the courage to experiment, these can go a long way.

All photography by Zinah and Jihan Nur Sharif.

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