Get Cool for School


Will your holidays soon be over? Get back into the school spirit with these nifty school supplies! By Shea Rasol.


Get Cool for School_Aquila Style

Topshop A5 banana notebook | $14 |
A5 spinout notebook | $4.95 |
Forever New Phoebe floral hardback notebook | $9.95 |
My Amazing Life notebook design by Wild & Wolf | $12 |

Taking down notes with these quirky printed notebooks sure helps to lift your mood in class. Pick one that matches your character and you’ll enjoy the rest of the lesson.


Get Cool for School_Aquila Style

7 Chi Glitterati sequin backpack | $78 |
Cambridge satchel, yellow | $132 |
Navy vintage school backpack | $53 |
Oneill the Ryder canvas backpack in sea pearl | $29 |

If you wear a uniform to school on a daily basis, you just gotta have a rockin’ bag to stand out.


Get Cool for School_Aquila Style

Blue crystal stapler | $13 |
Jonathan Adler pen set | $20 |
Fiskars Performance 8″ designer zebra scissors | $5 |
Pip studio fantasy pencil case flat | $21 |

Have fun with these colourful stationery, but make sure your buddy returns that pen after borrowing it from you!


Get Cool for School_Aquila Style

Pink Yay Lunch! lunch box | $10 |
Pack to School sandwich box | $9.99 |
Aladdin 0.95 litre bento lunch box, purple | $27 |
Lesportsac lunch box | $38 |

Save some of your lunch money by bringing your own lunch to school in these lunch boxes. And no, you’re not a dork for doing so because by the end of the year, you’ll get to spend those savings for just about anything you fancy!


Get Cool for School_Aquila Style

Forever New Mily set of 8 manila folders | $5.95 |
Recycled leather file folder, poppy red | $19.90 |
Small Robin’s Egg blue lizard desk file | $19 |
Manila folder | $50 |

Start organising handouts and notes from your teacher or lecturer in style with these pretty folders. Your notes won’t go missing, and you’ll look stylish carrying these around.

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