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Getting your makeup done well is tricky business, but choosing the right colours makes all the difference. These makeup palettes have been carefully selected for you, makeup aficionados. By Najwa Abdullah.

1. Eye Shadow

Get the Makeup Started!_Aquila Style

Sephora Colorful Eye Shadow Portfolio | $599 |
Revlon Photo Ready Eye Shadow | $11 |
Sephora Smokey Eyes Palette | $11 |

Make your eyes stand out by having a range of dazzling eyeshadow colours in your beauty kit. If you’re confident with your colour wheel deconstructing skills, go boldly for a big eyeshadow palette of over 60 colours, and a price tag to match. Alternatively, a more limited eyeshadow palette will work just as well, especially if you’re pressed for time preparing for an evening out. We recommend smoky and warm brown shades.

2. Lip Palette

Get the Makeup Started!_Aquila Style

NYX The It List Natural Lip Glosses | $20 |
MAC Pro Lip Palette/ 6 Editorial Reds | $40 |
Bobbi Brown Artist Palette for Lips  | $220  |

Having a selection of neutral-coloured lip glosses is a must for your daily application. For special occasions, select a lip palette with more specific selections of your favourite colour (red shades are a must, though). For more adventurous exploration, try made-for-pro kits with over 50 shades to get endless looks.

3. Cheek Palette

Get the Makeup Started!_Aquila Style

Lancome Star Bronzer Palette | $42 |
Kryolan Blusher Palette  | $105 |
Covergirl Clean Glow Blush | $9 |

For a cool, modern taupe look, pick a blusher palette with warm peach and chocolate colours, and throw in a gold bronzer. Having a few other shades to choose from will also help when it comes to trying different and edgier looks.

4. Foundation Palette

Get the Makeup Started!_Aquila Style

Make Up For Ever 11 Foundation Palette | $113 |
Bobbi Brown BBU Palette | $250 |
SHANY Cosmetics Concealer and Foundation Palette | $25 |

Choosing the right foundation is tricky: the wrong shade can sometimes veer into Kabuki makeup territory, but without it you may look dull and unpolished. Make sure that your face looks flawless even under the unforgiving glare of the office’s fluorescent lighting. Having a wide range of foundation and concealer shades is a good start to finding the right tone and blemish coverage for your skin.

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