A Good Ol’ Wardrobe Classic


Tired of wearing your favourite scarf the same old way? Here are some stylish shawl ideas to spruce up your outfits. Selected by Najwa Abdullah.

Even though fashion trends come and go, there are key accessories that are simply too functional to go out of style. Shawls are one of them, and they are a great addition to any outfit no matter what the climate may be and they are also highly versatile.

Knitted Shawls

A Good Ol’ Wardrobe Classic_Aquila Style

Source: denizgunes knitting

Large knitted shawls with classic patterns don’t have to look frumpy if you choose the ones with extraordinary design and cheerful colours. Wear them as a poncho to add more fun to your outfit, and we suggest pairing them simply with a plain top and a pair of jeans. This knitted number can also be worn as a scarf or a hoodie. Either way, the effect is equally striking.

Convertible Shawls

A Good Ol’ Wardrobe Classic_Aquila Style

Source: Cotton InkFER

It’s time to say goodbye to dull outfit days! Convertible shawls, which are exceedingly popular nowadays, can magically generate numerous stylish looks. These highly versatile shawls can be a poncho, a wrap, a tunic top, a cardigan, a shrug, a rollneck, a scarf, and it can even be used as a shawl for breastfeeding! You can style these in any way you wish, really. If you don’t know how to start, watch the tutorials here and here.

Cashmere Shawls

A Good Ol’ Wardrobe Classic_Aquila Style

Source: Net-A-Porter

Find it hard to get a hang of the numerous ways a Parisienne ties her scarves? Luxurious cashmere shawls are the perfect start. The best way is to simply drape them over your shoulders. These are also usually worn like scarves, slung, wrapped or tied around the neck. For an urban aesthetic, tuck them into the collar of your coat or leather jacket, and ease them across your chest for a cowl effect.


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