How to develop your signature hijab style


A signature hijab style helps tell the story that is you. Shea Rasol offers some advice on how to find it.


Sometimes we all need a bit of help to get dressed in the morning. Here are some ideas, tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way that might just help!

How to Develop Your Signature Hijab Style_Aquila Style

Be sure to analyse top Muslimah fashion individuals that already have their own signature styles, such as Amenakin’s casual drapey hoojab, Ascia’s iconic turban look, Aishah Amin’s minimalistic hijab wrap, or Dina Tokio’s voluminous hijab style.

Decide what types of outfit you feel most comfortable wearing. Also, don’t forget to consider the climate! Lots of cloth does not work in hot countries, while thinner fabrics might have you looking more cold than good.

How to Develop Your Signature Hijab Style_Aquila Style
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Decide which style is your favourite and you are most inclined towards, be it modern and contemporary, casual, traditional, hippie, edgy, etc. Then try to find some examples of that style, be it in magazines, TV shows, fashion shows or photo galleries, to really get to grips with it, to really understand it.

Hijab Tutorial by Shea Rasol on YouTube

In order to find your own hijab look, it is best to proceed step-by-step. It’s a sort of evolution, really. I suggest you start by determining what facial shape you have and then adjusting your style accordingly. You can view various hijab tutorials for inspiration and guidance.

How to Develop Your Signature Hijab Style_Aquila Style
Image: Joy of Color

Let me reemphasise the importance of facial features. Not everybody can wear every style, it’s that simple. For instance, if you have a round shape, a style that makes your face appear elongated will give you balance, while a style that makes your face look even rounder might end up evoking the words ‘beach ball’.

How to Develop Your Signature Hijab Style_Aquila Style
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Inexpensive jewellery can add zest to your signature hijab style, while not breaking the bank. Some accessories that work well with hijabs are sunglasses, earrings, and possibly a bold necklace. Be sure to only pick one accessory at a time – the goal is modestly fabulous, not American rapper, yo!

How to Develop Your Signature Hijab Style_Aquila Style
Image: SXC

Once you have your particular signature hijab look down, the next step is to gradually shift your supporting wardrobe so that your appearance shifts along with it and doesn’t end up looking the same every day.

Additional tips:

  • Camouflage your flaws or divert any unwanted attention away from them, while trying to have your signature hijab style accent your best features.
  • Never confuse style with affectation. Style is accenting what you are, while affectation is making people believe you are something you are not. A signature style is what will sell you in the end of day. Therefore, something sentimental that carries an element of you inside it can really enhance your signature style – be it a vintage satin scarf, or a neon coloured hijab.

Enjoy and explore more fashion tips and trends by Shea Rasol!

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