Tips on Wardrobe Versatility


YazTheSpaz shares a few simple yet valuable tips on squeezing the most out of your wardrobe.

Can you spot which items are repeated in the outfits? Mixing and matching is the way to go!

As I’m sure everyone knows, times have been quite rough for the economy. The cost of living is rising, people are losing jobs, and it’s getting tougher for some of us to live a comfortable life. But have no fear, YazTheSpaz’s tips are here!

I want to share with you some ways to keep looking fresh and stylish while staying on a low budget. Let’s start off with what we all need – clothing! There once was a time where I would buy a top and wear it only once. Of course, those times have changed. As my age has increased, so have my expenses, which means I need to be conservative with my spending. When I go shopping, I don’t even look at name brands. I never have and I highly doubt I ever will. What I look for when shopping is quality and price. If the quality and price match my needs, then I move on to my next requirement: versatility. I ask myself whether I can use this article of clothing in more ways than one. If the item passes that test, I’m locked in and going for gold! Now that I have that special piece, which not only looks cute but also works with other pieces, I could have several outfits in one!

The next important piece in any covered girl’s wardrobe is her hijab. Hijabs provide a great way of varying your look by simply changing the colour and/or print of it! Let’s say I have a plain black top that I can’t get enough of. By simply changing your hijab, from flower print to animal print or even solid colours, you can wear that black top even more!

Now that we’ve set our mind on ways to save in the clothing department, let’s take a look into the world of makeup. If you don’t wear any makeup then you can skip this section because you have already saved yourself a good $100 for the year! When buying makeup, stick to your basics – concealer, blush and mascara. Using anything more will not only clog your pores, but it will also dim the youthful glow of your face. I’ve never been one to wear foundation every day, which has saved both my wallet and face! My products of choice for the past two years are Cover Girl’s Simply Ageless concealer, a simple blush that I use every day, and L’Oreal’s Voluminous Carbon Black mascara. These products not only work well and last long, but they are way cheaper than ones you’d find in mass-market makeup stores.

The main idea behind changing your look is varying the part of your outfit that ‘grabs’ attention. So to give your outfit a new look every time, change the attention-grabbing item! For instance, if you wear the same shirt twice in one week, try to choose a hijab that will outshine the top. That way, no one will ever realise you’ve worn the shirt twice. Also, keep in mind that accessories can transform your outfit – just changing them up can give you a new look every time!

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