How to Get That Perfect Pair of Jeans


A well-loved pair of jeans is like your best friend, which you can take everywhere and feel good about whenever you are together. Maryam Yusof has some shopping tips to help you get your very own perfect pair of jeans.

I can categorise my life according to the jeans I was obsessed with wearing at any given period of time. As a naïve tween, I was convinced that boot cut and flared jeans with embroidered details were the crux of fashion forwardness (they weren’t) and amassed quite a collection of them. As a young teenager trawling through Myspace and discovering a love for loud music and indie bands, black tapered jeans were the staple of my wardrobe and I always wore them with t-shirts of my favourite bands (I know, so hardcore – so glad to abandon that look).

When I finally discovered fashion and Teen Vogue at 17, I was all about skinny jeans. I had one in every possible shade and pretty much lived in them. With my conversion to a more modest wardrobe since donning the hijab, I’ve handed some of my old skinny jeans to my teenage sister and have bought several straight-legged jeans, which I realise is a flattering look for me.

One thing I found from my whole experience with jeans so far is that fit is incredibly important

One thing I found from my whole experience with jeans so far is that fit is incredibly important. Unfortunately, this seems to be lost on many people, judging from the number of ‘muffin tops’ and saggy butts that I see on otherwise stylish women.

The problem with shopping for jeans is that finding that one perfect pair can be difficult. There are just so many parts that need to fit: the waist, length, thighs and inseam. So, to reduce the confusion, here are the types of jeans that would be most flattering to your body shape.

Identifying your body shape

Women generally fall into 4 body shapes: apple, pear, hourglass and boyish. Identifying your body shape will make it easier to figure out the type of jeans to buy.


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Eileen Fisher

If you have broader shoulders than hips, large bust and a less-defined waist, you’re likely to be an apple shape. Choose jeans with a low waist in order to lengthen the torso. However, if you’re getting a bit of a muffin top with a low waist, try jeans with a higher cut instead, but wear it with a long top for the same effect.  Do not tuck your top into your high-waisted jeans, as this will make your top look even shorter and larger.

Straight legs or jeans with a slight flare would work well for you. Look for jeans with long pockets or pockets that sit lower in the back as this will elongate your torso as well.


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Ralph Lauren

Women whose shoulders and chest area are narrow compared to the hips and thighs, and who tend to have a small waist and flat stomach, are considered to have a pear shape body type. Pear-shaped women should wear trouser-style jeans or those with a slight flare. This will keep your hips looking slim and streamlined, creating an overall balanced look and accentuating your legs. Skinny jeans and those with a tapered ankle generally do not flatter pear-shaped women. To lengthen your legs, wear jeans with dark washes.


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Platinum Denim

If your waist is small and defined with a full bust, and your shoulder and bust are proportional to your hips, thighs and bum, you have an hourglass figure. Lucky thing. To flatter your hips, choose tapered jeans with more space for your thighs, and not skinny jeans. A boot cut or flared jeans would also be extremely flattering for your figure. Mid-rise or low-rise jeans that are cut higher in the back are great for defining your tiny waist.


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Blanc Jean

If you have relatively few curves with your waist not much smaller than the width of your chest and thighs, and with your weight distributed fairly evenly, you’re considered to have a boyish figure. Opt for mid-rise jeans with a slight boot-cut opening or flare to create a curvier silhouette from top to bottom.

Remember also that height plays a crucial part in the fit of your jeans. So, if you’re petite like me, try shopping in stores with a dedicated petite department like Topshop and to find a better fit. Wearing heels can also create the illusion of height (which is why I love heels). If you’re tall and slim, most looks work for you, though high-rise jeans suit a tall figure best as they balance your long legs with your waist.

No matter what body shape you are and what type of jeans you buy, make sure to wash them inside out and in cold water to keep the colour from fading. Jeans tend to shrink so to avoid that, put them in the dryer only for a little while before hanging them dry.

With these tips and a trip to the mall, I hope you will be able to find that elusive pair of perfect jeans very soon!

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