Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 Kicks Off


This four-day fashion extravaganza will feature everything from the eco-friendly to the cutting edge. Afia R Fitriati reports.

Designs by Irna Mutiara (left) and Dian Pelangi (right) are just two of the draws at this year's IFW
Designs by Irna Mutiara (left) and Dian Pelangi (right) are just some of the draws at this year’s IFW

Yet another fabulous fashion event is taking the stage in Indonesia’s bustling megacity of Jakarta.

Kicking off today at the Jakarta Convention Center and running until February 17, Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) 2013 is a four-day marathon of exhibitions featuring the works of 208 designers, as well as fashion seminars, competitions and workshops.

The fashion shows at this year’s IFW are grouped into four major themes for each day of the event: Evening Wear for the first day, Muslim Wear for the second, Men’s and Urban Wear for the third and Casual Cutting Edge for the last day.

In addition to well-loved Indonesian designers such as Dian Pelangi, Irna Mutiara, Sebastian Gunawan and many others, four international designers – Malaysia’s Melinda Looi, Brazil’s Samuel Cirnansck, Sweden’s Camilla Wellton and Addy van den Krommenacker from the Netherlands – will also exhibit their collections at these shows. These designers will attend the event as envoys of World Fashion Week, a USA-based fashion organisation that aims to promote collaborations among fashion designers worldwide.

(Image: IFW 2013)
(Image: IFW 2013)

The exhibition-cum-bazaar at IFW 2013 will be divided into different zones that encompass everything from men’s and kid’s wear to accessories. New zones that will be introduced this time around are Starting Point (innovative products), Concept Point (products with overall branding concepts) and Green Point (eco-friendly products).

Following the event’s annual custom, IFW has selected a public figure, Daniel Mananta, as its brand ambassador this year. Daniel is a popular young Indonesian TV host who has recently launched a fashion label called ‘Damn! I Love Indonesia’. Evidently, he wears his national pride on his sleeve.

IFW 2013 will take place at the Jakarta Convention Center. For more information, visit the official IFW website.

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