Islamic Dolls and Toys


Raising a Muslim family gets easier with Islamic toys, writes Shea Rasol.

It is every child’s dream to own toys that they like, advertised on television and readily available on the shelves. With the vast choice of toys and dolls designed and produced by a small group of companies with certain values and standards of beauty, it is without a doubt that our shelves are flooding with dubious choices.

For some Muslims who are aware and cautious of these toys and the influence they can have on their children, what other choices do they have?

For starters, there’s the Fulla doll, Syria’s answer to some Muslim parents. Fulla shares Barbie’s look, size and proportions, but has added features like a matching doll-size pink prayer rug. Fulla herself is clad in an abaya, complete with a headscarf.

The ultimate goal in having these Islamic toys is to ensure that the learning and playing sessions of children in Muslim families are steeped in Islamic values such as modesty, faith, and family-orientedness.

These Islamic toys are considered to be an excellent role model for children. They can help create and instill an Islamic character that Muslim families and parents may have as their goal. It is no wonder then, that these toys are rapidly growing in demand throughout Asia, Europe, US, Canada and the Middle East.

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