Keeping your feet under wraps


If you love heels and want to wear socks every day, Shea Rasol shows you how.

Covered feet_Aquila Style

I received an email from a dear reader with a question on how to style heels without revealing the feet. I knew exactly what she meant and felt, as I too believe I should cover my feet, as part of my modesty. I’m sure this is a dilemma for many Muslim women as well. Here are some styling tips to fully cover up in style.

1. Socks

Covered feet_Aquila Style

Choose thin, beige socks – the kind that’s almost like pantyhose, but more opaque and stops just above the ankles. This helps create a visually harmonious transition from your socks to your shoes.

I’ve seen women making a big fashion mishap by wearing black socks with beige shoes, or white socks with coloured heels. This draws more attention to your feet, not less.

2. Heels

Covered feet_Aquila Style

If you love heels (ahem, guilty), then this is where your dilemma begins. Wearing socks with heels tends to create a slippery feeling between your feet and the shoes. The best way to avoid accidents is to wear heels that cover the toes, or have straps at the ankles. The best shoes would definitely be the classic Mary Jane.

If you don’t like straps, go for espadrille wedges or pumps that fully cover the foot. The materials used in the lining are usually coarser, giving you enough friction to keep your shoes on while walking.

Finally, make sure that at least 60 percent of your foot is covered by the heel. The less visible the socks, the better.

3. Flats

Covered feet_Aquila Style

I personally think flats go more easily with socks than heels, giving you more choices. If you find your flats slipping off with each step, pick ones with straps to hold the shoes in place. Go for flat pumps, kitten heels, or sneakers with a canvas, fabric or suede lining.

4. No-no

Covered feet_Aquila Style

Keep in mind that your shoes should cover most of your feet. Thin strapped shoes like slingbacks do not work well with socks. They won’t hold well and well, they just don’t look good. Not only will you have trouble walking, you’ll also be committing a major fashion faux pas.

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