Adventures in Homemade Makeup: Lip & Cheek Stain Recipe


Try this simple recipe by Militza Maury to give your skin a natural radiance.

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We’re back for another installment of Adventures in Homemade Makeup! This recipe is for a lip & cheek stain with beautiful pink and red tones, produced naturally with beets, aka beetroot! It gives the skin a perfectly natural, healthy glow!


Beets: If you’ve ever eaten a beet, you know how careful you need to be not stain anything! Its natural dye is very potent, making it great for this project.

Vegetable glycerine: Usually found in pharmacies / chemist stores in the first aid section, glycerin is a natural ingredient that attracts moisture to the skin. In this recipe it works as the base of our product and as the preservative. If you can’t find glycerine, use vitamin E or coconut oil.

You can carry your lip & cheek stain in your handbag when you go out. It should last two to three weeks if you mostly keep it in the fridge.


Check out more natural living tips from Militza Maury at her website, Little Green Dot

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