Mad About Bows


We are seeing designers and fashionistas using lots of this cute accessory. Farrah Eman shows how you can tap into this trend.

WP bowsStrictly Professional

Bows add a playful, feminine accent to any outfit. Wear bows with tailored clothing for a subtly cutesy look. Consider also a bow-print clothing item or accessory instead of an actual one. Or you can even wear a thin sash around your waist and secure it with a bow tie for simplicity.

For the Young – or Youthful

Place a bow on the side of the waist of your skirt or pants. Spruce up your pumps by attaching a cute bow to the front or lace up your sneakers with ribbons. If you don’t want to wear it on your outfit, then go with bow-designed accessories such earrings, bags or even a headband.

Whatever you do, avoid wearing too many bows at the same time.

Tread the gallery below for more shopping details!


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