Makeup Trends: Metallic Eyes, Highlighting and more


José Rivera, Benefit Makeup Master for USA gives us the deets on the makeup trends we need to follow in 2017. By Shruti Gattani

From chic up-dos at BAFTAs, to pink lips and metallic eyes at Oscars – makeup trends of 2017 are all we are attempting to make our selfies picture-perfect. This year, there have been a lot of firsts in the makeup industry. Marc Jacobs Fall 2017 ruled the fashion week by sending out a strong message through its ‘37 beauty looks’ that makeup is about uniqueness, diversity and experimenting with the modern makeup culture.

Echoing similar sentiments, Rivera emphasises that this year is all about “creating natural looking skin/complexion.” He further asks the fashionistas to “avoid using too much colour products and instead, focus on nicely groomed brows with a touch of colour (shimmery gold just like Benefit’s 3D brow tones) and strongly pigmented lips!”

While boxed-in brows, dark lip-liner with light coloured lip gloss, heavy contour and unicorn-inspired beauty are oh, so passé, Rivera lists down five makeup trends all street-stylers should know. So ladies, roll up your sleeves and get the makeup tools ready.

  1. Highlighting: From subtle chiffon like shimmer to holographic multi-dimensional strobe – a focus less on contour and more on highlighting celebrates the skin
  2. Brows: From the natural and brushed up boyfriend brow to the Korean craze of the straight brow, gals are shaping up their “face framers”
  3. Breathable Skin: Slowly but surely emerging from the past days of full coverage foundation and intense contouring, is skin that breaths and appears more like a well-earned glow after spin class
  4. Metallic Eyes: Gold and silver made big statements on the runway, which in turn make its way to the street this year in a big way
  5. Pink: Perfect to pair with this year’s trend of breathable skin, are hues of pink – from sheer pink balms to modern blocks of rich pink pigment
  6. Burgundy: An unexpected but very flattering array of burgundy or red tones have surfaced a variety of mascaras, liners, and shadows to play up the eyes
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