Making Scents


Embrace the calming, therapeutic effects from the simple combination of aromatic wax and a flickering flame. By Sofea Famian and Cynthia Prayudi.

Making Scent_Aquila Style


Making Scent_Aquila Style
Make like the queen that you are with the Fornasetti Cammei Oro collection of candles, incense and scented spheres. Luxuriate in the relaxing scents of oriental, leather and woods. With hand-applied decors set over hand-painted ceramic cases in gold, these babies are numbered limited editions.

Making Scent_Aquila Style
Tobi Tobin
Set yourself a sexy tone with the Tobi Tobin Baroque candles, hand-poured into a black glass reminiscent of the Renaissance. Perfect for those who stay away from cloying, sweet scents, this black beauty lends a manly woody and amber fragrance to your special space.

Making Scent_Aquila Style
Don’t let their über-modern appearance fool you: Rigaud candles have been around since 1852. The Cyprès promises to ‘unlock the soul of your house’ with the sweet scents of a Mediterranean forest. Presented in heavy glass with a silver- metal snuffer lid.

Making Scent_Aquila Style
Michael Aram
The Black Orchid soy candle by Michael Aram will take your senses to exotic realms with its cedar and floral scents.


Making Scent_Aquila Style
Jack and Pearls NYC
Not many pieces of art give back the way Jack and Pearls NYC organic candles do. Beautiful to behold, they warm up of any of your favourite spaces.

Making Scent_Aquila Style
Le Labo
Invite one of these ‘vintage’ and potent Le Labo candles to your home and it will arrive with your name and address on it. The Santal 26 promises to fill every inch of your fave space with an inviting, smoky scent. Poured by hand, It features 100% soy wax and pure cotton wicks and is poured by hand.

Making Scent_Aquila Style
Organic Glam
Containing nothing harmful to you or your world are the Organic Glam Jasmine and Orange Blossom candles. Highly fragranced, make no apologies when your space is filled with their goodness.

Making Scent_Aquila Style
Archipelago Botanicals
The all-natural candles from Archipelago Botanicals are also filled with antioxidants to pamper your every sense.


Making Scent_Aquila Style
Feel good even before you go into your happy space with the limited edition Humanity candles by altru. Resplendent with exotic scents of Indonesian clove, vanilla and smoked cedar, each comes in a recycled glass and handcrafted copper crown. Proceeds go towards Alliance for a New Humanity, an organisation that supports ‘the building of a just, peaceful and sustainable world’.

Making Scent_Aquila Style
David Mallet
Let your imagination run free with the David Mallet Le Salon en Hiver candle that is both masculine and feminine, with vetiver, then rose, then lemon and spicy cinnamon.

Making Scent_Aquila Style
Ila Spa
Let nature take its course with Ila Spa candles. Made with organic essential oils, the Orange Blossom candle was created to uplift your soul and impart a sense of balance.

Making Scent_Aquila Style
Seda France
Let the French Tulip candle by Seda France take you to Paris in springtime—and may your body, mind and spirit feel refreshed by its fresh, green scent.

This article originally appeared in the January 2012 issue of Aquila Style

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