March to Your Own Tune


Maryam Yusof shares several outfits with the central theme of army jackets. This staple is more versatile than meets the eye!

March to Your Own Tune_Aquila Style

If, like me, you’re a TV show ‘Freaks and Geeks’ geek, you’ll know that the main character, Lindsay Weir, sported a green military jacket. It was the one fashion item that stood out throughout the series. That jacket was pretty much an extension of Lindsay’s personality and was even mentioned in a song a boy wrote in the show. Though the show was cancelled after only one season, Lindsay and her jacket became unlikely style icons.

Now it would seem that the army jacket is resurgent.

I have worn my own to death, due to my love for the army jacket’s versatility on casual days.  It’s one of the staples in my closet. And though its original intention was to make individuals part of a military unit, when styled right you’ll be far from following the crowd.

Casual and Cool

March to Your Own Tune_Aquila Style

The army jacket is a quintessentially relaxed and casual item. It’s perfect for those days when you prioritise comfort over dressing up. Wear your jacket with a pair of loose boyfriend jeans and a white t-shirt. Select some cute casual-day accessories like a pair of black flats, a slouchy satchel bag and a basic coloured hijab to finish off the outfit.

Chic in Printed Pants

March to Your Own Tune_Aquila Style

If you want to look a little smarter, wear your army jacket with a pair of funky printed pants! To balance out the bold prints, wear a simple blouse, shoes and hijab. You can still increase the fashion quotient by wearing a cool statement necklace.


March to Your Own Tune_Aquila Style

Army jackets are more often associated with ‘masculine’ than ‘sweet’. However, by wearing a feminine maxi dress underneath, you can look sweet and lady-like as well. I’d go for a white dress. Accessorise with cute wedges and a simple necklace. You could even wear a pink printed hijab and carry a matching pink bag to contrast with your masculine jacket.


March to Your Own Tune_Aquila Style

Army jackets surprisingly match well with certain floral prints. Possibly the natural tones of most army jackets make coordinating with florals easy. To style this look, wear a hijab that matches at least one colour from the print of your maxi dress. Opt for cute heels that match your dress as well. Add on simple bracelets and a simple bag to finish the look.


March to Your Own Tune_Aquila Style

Breton stripes are a staple in most wardrobes and they also suit army jackets well! Wear a striped top with simple black jeans and cool black statement shoes. Though mixing prints is often discouraged, you could try to go outside your comfort zone and wear this outfit with a brightly coloured printed hijab!

Neon Brights

March to Your Own Tune_Aquila Style

In a particularly sunny mood? Combine a neon outfit with the jacket to brighten the dull greens instantaneously. You could even wear more than one neon shade to create a colour-blocking effect. Wear it with blue jeans and a simple off-white hijab so that your outfit won’t be overly complicated.

These are just a few easy outfits you can put together with an army jacket. I hope this convinces you that it is an awesomely useful item to add to your wardrobe. And who knows? Adopt the army jacket and you might become just as iconic as Lindsay Weir!

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