Modest Fashion Stirs Up British Tea Party


Zinah Nur Sharif shares her photos and experience from a recent event that launched bright new creations by UK designer Barjis.

Modest Fashion Stirs Up British Tea Party_Aquila Style

On a luminous Saturday afternoon on June 8th, I attended the Barjis Summer Tea Party, held at the Swarovski Crystallized Lounge in central London. When I hear ‘tea party’ I instantly imagine women dressed in brightly coloured cocktail dresses, socialising amongst each other, sipping English tea and enjoying complimentary cakes with other light delights. I was glad to see that the Barjis event fit the tea party tradition.

The designer greeted guests personally, which made the social gathering intimate and allowed customers to get to know the person behind the brand. The event celebrated the launch of the Barjis scarf collection under their new diffusion line, ‘B by Barjis’. It consists of silk/cotton-blend scarves in colours and prints suited to spring and summer, which were in the low price range – allowing younger customers to make Barjis a part of their wardrobes. The signature line included scarves that were made of finer fabrics such silk/cashmere blends and pure cashmere.

None of the scarves were colour-coordinated with the Abaya collection; this was simply due to the designer’s desire to add a splash of colour and a sense of vibrancy to the traditional black abayas. The colour range was wide, from classic ivory to grass green, which naturally complimented the Barjis hand-embellished black abaya collection.

It also was a pleasure to see the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection on display. Guests had a chance to get acquainted with it up-close, feel the fabric and even make it a part of their own closet.

All in all, it was an enlightening afternoon spent looking at skilfully handcrafted clothes and delicate scarves, all while enjoying decorated cupcakes, hot beverages and the company of fellow fashion lovers.

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