5 smashing outfit hacks with a belt


Add zest to your outfit with the creative use of belt – or two. By Shea Rasol.

Bored with the usual ways of incorporating a belt into your outfits? Try these five new styles with your next look.

1. Cinch in an oversized top

Image: My Fashion Tricks

Tone down the poofiness of your top with a waist belt and watch how it accentuates your overall silhouette. The belt can be wide or thin, a totally different colour or style, or just stick to the same hue but with a wacky design.

2. Tone down a blazer

Image: The Trend Diaries

Get a semi-casual look by belting your waist over a blazer. The belt gives a feminine finishing touch to your masculine blazer approach. A thin or skinny belt works best as it doesn’t add to the bulkiness of the blazer.

3. Belted art

Image: Anobanoo

Does seeing the remaining part of the belt hanging down to your waist drive you crazy? Then twist and roll it into your already buckled belt and see how these spontaneous details add to your outfit.

4. Hippie on the hips

Image: Popsugar

More commonly seen on bohemian-inspired looks. When worn on the hips, a wide belt helps to streamline the tunic or dress. But be careful though, this particular style is best worn by lankier figures as the belt cuts the body into two – making short gals look a lot shorter.

5. Double up

Image: Hoboken Girl

Layer two skinny belts above each other to add a sense of fun and youthfulness. A mismatched belt will show how quirky you are in the fashion department. And they say all good things come in pairs, right?

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