My Skincare Routine


Clear skin doesn’t happen overnight. It is a routine and YazTheSpaz is happy to share hers.

My Skincare Routine_Aquila Style

I often get asked how I maintain my clear skin, and all I can say is: pure dedication.

Some might think that I have perfect skin, but don’t get me wrong – I do get those random, occasional pimples which just drive me nuts! The most obvious cause of most pimples is oil and dirt. When you touch something that has impurities, and then directly touch your face, you are more prone to triggering those bacteria that cause pimples.

Here are some tips that I personally use to maintain my clear skin:

Establish a skincare routine

For many years now, I’ve maintained a daily routine for my skin. I start off by removing all the dirt and oil from my face with my facial cleanser; pat my face dry; then top it off with a toner and finally a moisturiser. By maintaining this daily routine – morning and night – you will notice significant changes in your skin.

Avoid touching your face

Do not play with your skin! This has got to be the most difficult thing for me and perhaps almost everyone in the world. Although I have immensely improved over the years, I still have the tendency to run my hands over my face, searching for bumps that are not smooth and that aren’t supposed to be there. Once I locate a tiny bump, I’d try to smooth it out and, at times, cause an even worse injury by creating a scab! This has been my biggest problem when dealing with my skin but alhamdulillah, I have now managed to keep my hands away from my skin for a long time. Remember that once you pop a pimple, germs will spread to its surrounding areas if not properly disinfected.

Drink plenty of water

It is recommended that you drink at least eight cups of water a day. Drinking plenty of water not only hydrates your body, but it also removes impurities from your system. Imagine being able to wash away all your pimples that easily! Exercise is also a great way of ridding your body of toxins.

Clean your makeup brushes regularly

Proper care and cleansing for your brushes is a must. By using dirty brushes, you are essentially rubbing all those nasty bacteria right back on your face and shoving them into your pores!

Also, be aware that sharing brushes with your friends can also harm your skin. I know I don’t want to be sharing bacteria with anyone else on top of spreading my own!

Eat healthy

Finally, I’d have to conclude by sharing the most common phrase out there – ‘You are what you eat’. It is so important to watch what you are putting into your body. Foods that are high in fats and oils may cause you to break out, not only on your face but even on your back! Stick to a clean and healthy balanced diet that will keep your skin looking and feeling great!

Hope these tips will help (or inspire) you on your journey to clear skin. Just remember, though: you are beautiful regardless of what your skin looks like. Because, after all, ‘beauty is only skin deep’ – real beauty shines from within. 🙂

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