Modest & Fabulous

“At IFDC, we believe that every community has a beautiful characteristic that its people are known for. In Islam that characteristic is modesty,” said IFDC Chairwoman, Alia Khan.
We Wrote The Modest Chapter

A little over a year ago, the Islamic Fashion and Design Council paused to listen to a worldwide whisper that was gradually growing into a roar – from across the globe, in practically every country on every continent, women and men who sought to dress modestly.

New flair for Egyptian headscarves

The Islamic headscarf is a religious symbol, but in Egypt it's also become a fashion accessory. A major industry has developed surrounding the headgear, offering many variations on colours, design and fabric.

Egypt models mix faith with fashion

Islamic fashion is a growing force in Muslim countries, and now its models want their voices heard. They've formed a union in Egypt, calling for the right to wear the headscarf and work in accordance with the laws of Islam but also within the realm of fashion.