Peter’s Picks: “Modern Love” by The Modest Bride


Check out this stunning photoshoot that illustrates the beautiful intersection of modesty, faith and modernity. By Peter Gould. Photography by Zahrah Habibullah of Lahza Photography.


Recently I was able to spend some time with the team behind The Modest Bride. Saltanat and Subhi are sisters who are creating a space that provides inspiration for those getting married, and who want to ‘keep it modest’ too. Saltanat, the lead editor, identified a gap in the bridal industry for those who appreciate beautiful style, and ultimately modesty.

They shared their most recent photoshoot ‘Modern Love’ with me, and it communicates what The Modest Bride is all about. It’s really cool how the inspiration behind the shoot was quotes on love from the Qur’an.

Check out the photos here:


Learn more about The Modest Bride at their website, Instagram or Facebook page

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