The baju Melayu: festivewear for fashion-misters


Looking absolutely dapper on gentlemen is this traditional Malay get-up. By Shea Rasol.

WP baju Melayu

This time of year, Malay men in Southeast Asia often don their traditional attire called the baju Melayu, a simple two-piece garment that consists of a top and matching pants. Usually making an appearance during religious ceremonies and festivities, it is also worn in Malaysia for congregational Friday prayers or whenever a man visits the mosque.

For a more refined look, this look is paired with a songket sarong, a piece of traditional fabric wrapped around the waist over the pants. The sarong can also be worn over or underneath the top depending on the type of baju Melayu one is wearing. Topping it off with a traditional hat makes for a spiffy style that will please even the most discerning Muslim fashion-mister.

Baju Melayu cekak musang

A telling characteristic of the cekak musang is its Mandarin collar above three to five buttonholes. The sarong is often worn over both the top and pants to achieve a more formal look. A traditional baju Melayu does not come pre-tailored with conventional fastening. This final touch is added later by the wearer using his choice of designs and materials.

Baju Melayu teluk belanga

The teluk belanga has a rounded neck and a single button fastening instead of buttonholes. Its name comes from the stitching style on the collar. Adding flair to the laid-back teluk belanga is the sarong, worn beneath the top and over the pants.


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