My Trio of Wardrobe Staples


As Dina Toki-O sees the dawn of spring emerging from winter’s chill, she shares three of her wardrobe faves – and they’re complementary to boot!

My Trio of Wardrobe Staples_Aquila Style

Whether or not you’re a winter person, when you live in the UK in the middle of winter a single ray of sun amidst a dreary grey winter day will be enough to shiver in expectation. The expectation of spring and summer, that is! I personally prefer spring to summer. It’s that kind of season that you would prefer all year round. Just perfect!

I don’t think of myself as a ‘fashionista’, what with their wardrobe staples. I tend to just have a category as a staple. For instance, ‘comfortable clothes’ are a must-have for me. But over the past two months, I seem to have accidentally developed three staples in what I’d like to call my wardrobe, but in reality is just my clothing rail. All three of these items you’ll be glad to hear are quite easy to find and – better yet – are rather fun to play around with in terms of colour, style and so on!

Staple One – Chill: Out

We have the light-weight parker coat. I love these, especially for the spring when it’s sunny but still gets chilly at times! They’re perfect to throw on, and because they’ve got so little bulk, they don’t ruin your outfit, which I often find is a bit of a problem with heavier winter garments.

The most common colour for the past few seasons has been your standard khaki green colour, but I managed to find mine in a black from a charity shop (as usual!). The crazy prints that high-street stores have started to introduce recently are great. You can opt to use yours as your statement accessory to your outfit, or, for the riskier ladies, incorporate it into a pattern clash outfit!

I’ve been throwing mine on top of any outfit. This means that I haven’t really included it in any of my planning, which would qualify it as a staple, I guess.

Staple Two – Canvas Versatility

Something I’ve always needed in my life: boyfriend jeans! Let me say immediately, when I walked into the boyfriend jeans section I often find that they’re not quite as baggy as I’d like. They just look a bit messier than your skinny jeans model and they’ve just dropped the waist, but other than that there’s no real difference comfort wise. Is that just me, or does anybody else feel that way too?

With that in mind, it’s important to find the perfect pair. Only then will they become a wardrobe staple! Sometimes what works best is finding a pair of straight-fit jeans, getting them one or two sizes too big and then just rolling the bottoms. That makes them look right ‘boyfriendy’ if you ask me. Ultimately, of course, it will depend on what you find comfortable!

Once you’ve found your perfect pair, well you know the denim mantra: it goes with absolutely everything! So eat your heart out. It may be shocking (and maybe I shouldn’t be admitting this) but yes I can, and have, and still do, wear them for a whole week straight. They’re perfect with retro sneakers, flat ballerinas and, my personal favourite, heels!

Can’t Top the High-tops

Finally, we have high-top trainers. The hidden-heel ones, preferably! Lots of people own a pair already, or at least normal high-top trainers, which they wear only with sports clothes or casual stuff. (And I’m not talking about the Lily Allens of the world, who started the girly skirt/dress and trainers combination epidemic.)

Anyway, I was initially sceptical of the hidden-heel sneakers that dominated all of last year at first. But wow, did I change my mind! Okay, they do make your foot look flatter. That said, if you’re not a ‘heel’ girl then these are perfect for you. They make you feel comfortable, while making you look slimmer and adding height. Not to mention the awesome edge or fresh look they’ll add to your outfit. And again they will go with any outfit. I’m serious. It just depends if you’re open to the change of theme they introduce into your look and whether that suits you. If they do, then they’re perfect all year round! And mine even conquered Britain’s snow!

Throw all three staples together, what do you get? Crazy comfort, warmth and effortless style!

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