Natural Beauty Secrets


YazTheSpaz shares her natural ways to stay looking young, with smooth and glowing skin.

Out of the many beauty product favourites that are out there in the market, the ones I keep closest to me are those that come from natural sources.

From homemade masks, to hair conditioners, and even to skin moisturisers, the best nourishment comes from natural ingredients with little or no chemical content.

The two beauty secrets I’ve been most crazy about in the past couple of months are aloe vera and witch hazel.

The wide array of uses and benefits they have are undeniable and extremely valuable – which is why I’d like to share them with you!

Aloe Vera

Better known as the miracle plant, aloe vera is a jelly-like substance that is obtained from the aloe vera plant’s succulent leaves. It has properties that benefit us both internally and externally. The most well known benefit of aloe is its healing properties. It is used for treatment of dry and cracked skin, burns (including sunburns), insect bites, wounds, inflammation, eczema and psoriasis of the skin. It even slows down the ageing of the skin.

After using aloe gel on my skin, I notice the tightening effects along with the smooth glow I get from all its amazing nutrients. It naturally removes dead skin cells while allowing the penetration of healthy substances to enter the skin.

Aloe vera gel is great for the skin and also cures many internal ailments. By drinking aloe vera juice, your blood sugar levels decrease and your cholesterol level drops; it can even cure constipation. The overall benefits are staggering!

Witch Hazel

Another wonderful plant is witch hazel, a shrub found in eastern North America. When its liquid is extracted and mixed with water and alcohol, it creates the perfect and cheapest astringent – or face toner – out there in the market today!

Some of the incredible uses of witch hazel are for the treatment of sunburns, soothing the skin from external hemorrhoids and diaper rash, as well as spot and blemish control.

Witch hazel also has natural anti-itch and anti-inflammatory properties that are useful for getting rid of the itch from bug bites, and it also soothes razor burns after shaving. Can you believe that when dabbed onto a cotton ball and applied under the eyes, it can even shrink the bags underneath by tightening up the skin?

For those who occasionally get a pimple here and there – or even those with acne – witch hazel, when dabbed onto the skin, can reduce the redness and inflammation of pimples.

Here’s how I use these products:

  1. Wash face with cleanser, making sure to remove all makeup
  2. Apply natural aloe gel onto the face and let it sit until completely dry. Alternatively, you can even leave it on overnight. During this time, you will feel your face tightening – you might realise that you can’t speak normally because you don’t want it to stretch, and you might also lick some of the aloe which has a very bitter taste!
  3. Rinse off with warm water and dry your face
  4. Soak a cotton ball with witch hazel. Apply it all over your face and neck. This will allow your skin to retain its moisture as well as tone
  5. Apply your moisturiser

Follow these simple steps and you’ll immediately start to see results. When using natural products, you simply can’t go wrong. As you can see, both of these plants help to heal sunburn, acne, inflammation and much more. Go to your nearest supermarket, pharmacy or health store and you should be able to find both aloe vera and witch hazel to keep your skin smooth and glowing!

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