16 outfit basics for all occasions


Have you got these fashion cornerstones in your wardrobe? Maryam Yusof shares 16 of her go-to goodies.

WP Outfit Basic Maryam

It should come to no one’s surprise that I love clothes. Yet most of the time when putting together an outfit, I end up staring at my wardrobe in desperation and yell: ‘I have nothing to wear!’ Lately I’ve noticed that whenever I have those days, I tend to reach for certain staples in my closet. This illustrates the importance of including key items in your wardrobe, rather than only pieces that you rarely use.

The versatility of these pieces makes it possible for you to pair them together to make multiple outfits, or to pair them with fickle on-trend items to create a new look. The best thing is that these staples never go out of style, which will help wardrobe dilemmas become a thing of the past.





Though there are only 16 items here, you could easily make hundreds of variations of outfits just with these pieces. Hijabis reading this article will, of course, add hijabs to the list; next week I will be highlighting the key hijabs you need in your wardrobe. Stay tuned!

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