Royal Flush


Royal Flush1

Royalty is frequently associated with glitter, gold and glamour. Drawing inspiration from these elements, we bring you a mix of baroque fashion, plush velvet and posh gilt-accented prints for this week’s fashion trend. Follow these tips when you are in baroque fashion:

  1. Keep calm and maintain your poise
  2. You’d need to carry a chic purse in shimmery satin, preferably with encrusted beads to hold your lipstick and other necessities
  3. Feel luxurious in velvety or posh print finishes
  4. Bedazzle with dangling chandeliers earrings

Here are our picks and how we style them.

The Royal Flush

Now, you are ready to give a little wave and draw attention at the party just like a royalty!

If you are interested in any of these featured items, scroll through our gallery below:

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