Scarved Style


Dreading to head out into the unclean air? Shea Rasol shows you how you can beat the haze in a stylish and affordable way.


The currently high levels of air pollution in Malaysia and Singapore have got us all worried about stepping outside without proper protection. Everywhere you look face masks are sold out or selling fast as people try to go on with their lives as per usual.

Instead of using the plain white disposable masks sold in pharmacies, why not step out in style with your very own unique mask? Keep your moolahs, and just grab that square scarf that you’ve kept tucked away at the bottom of your drawer. Fashion SOS? We say yes!


A friendly reminder to our readers in Singapore and the affected areas of Malaysia: be sure to keep yourself informed of the relevant pollutant levels and take necessary precautions to reduce the risk to your health. Learn more: Singapore | Malaysia
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