Shafira Unveils Family Islamicwear Collection


One of the longest-running Islamicwear labels in Indonesia celebrated its 23rd anniversary with an Eid fashion show.

One of the longest-running Islamicwear labels in Indonesia, Shafira, celebrated their 23rd anniversary by hosting their latest Lebaran Bersama Shafira (Eid with Shafira) fashion show recently. The annual event introduces the brand’s latest collections at Ramadhan and Eid. The theme this time around built on last year’s show, offering complete clothing collections for the entire family: from mums and dads to grandparents, teens and children. This year, Shafira has taken their ‘total look’ concept even further by introducing their new lines of handbags and ladies footwear.

Following the changes on their board of management a few years ago, Shafira promised to usher in fresh touches to their traditionally conservative collections. White eyelet tops and frocks paired with turquoise skinny pants and underdresses were some of the enchanting items that appeared on the runway. Colourful knit hijabs with subtle shimmers were other eye-catching pieces that seem poised to trend soon.

While the collections for the younger generations were dominated by white and pastel colours, the ones for the older generations generally featured earth-toned and subdued colours combined with hand-painted batik and chiffon silk.

For their premium loyal clients, Shafira showed off a collection of glamorous chiffon-silk evening dresses inspired by oriental cultures. Kimono silhouettes in layers decorated with Swarovski beads were one of the highlights of this dazzling ensemble.

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